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4-La Florida del Inca

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Threads of memory

Supported in a didactic and interactive dissemination, located in the right exterior gallery of the Cusco Regional Historical Museum, this artistic practice it is part of the well-known contemporary art, called EPHEMERAL ART, which is intimately linked to society, to the evolution of social concepts , like mechanisms and the devaluation of time,It is a kind of art that stands out for its instantaneousness, it needs little time of perception

Art has continuous oscillations of taste, it changes simultaneously. The perception of the ephemeral is not appreciated equally in Western art in other areas and other cultures, just as not in all civilizations there is a same concept of ephemeral art.

Relics of the museum

Its purpose is to disseminate the active and passive collections guarded by the museum, through the periodic exhibition of representative cultural assets. The selection is made according to the historical content of the property, making an investigation of the selected piece that will be explained in the text that accompanies the piece, so that it can be contemplated by users and visitors.

Academic events

Academic events, such as forums, talks, exhibitions, among others, through which the call is made at the level of professional and technical researchers, , who develop studies and research according to their specialty in relationship to the different social and cultural scenarios of the past and present.

Cultural and artistic events

Cultural and artistic events, where diffusion is innovated, creating alive artistic awareness, supporting local artists and their creativity, reassessing their essence translated into their creations and designs supported in a historical retrospective of our past societies through studies and research carried out by the museum.

Temporary exhibitions

Service offered to artists and researchers outside the museum to make temporary exhibitions of artistic, cultural and research value, among others, guided by the technical and regulatory guidelines included in the PROTOCOLO DE USO DE LA SALA DE EXPOSICIÓN TEMPORAL